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Janet R. McColl-Kennedy is Professor of Marketing at the UQ Business School, The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia.  She was appointed full Professor in 2002. She a Visiting Professor at the University of Cambridge, UK, ongoing and a Fellow of St Edmund’s College, Cambridge.

Professor McColl-Kennedy has held several senior leadership positions in the UQ Business School, including Marketing Discipline Head/Cluster Leader for 7 years from to 1999 to 2005, and Research Director of the UQ Business School from January 2006 to June 2008 and April 2009 to January 2010.

Professor Janet McColl-Kennedy has made a significant research contribution to the discipline of Marketing, specifically in her research area of “Services”. Professor McColl-Kennedy is one of the leading marketing academics in Australia, and internationally recognised as a leading researcher in Service Science. Her research interests focus on customer experience management and include service recovery, customer complaining behaviour, customer rage and customer value co-creation.  She has particular expertise in health care and the professions.

Janet leads several international research teams, obtaining over $2.5 million in competitive research grants including eight prestigious Australian Research Council (ARC) grants. She currently has a H index of 33 (Google scholar).

Professor McColl-Kennedy has held Visiting Professorships at Cambridge University, UK, Indiana University, USA, Bocconi University Milan, Italy and the University of New South Wales, Sydney.

Professor McColl-Kennedy’s work consistently appears in prestigious journals in her field including Journal of Retailing, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Leadership Quarterly, Journal of Service Research, Journal of Service Management, California Management Review, Journal of Business Research, Psychology and Marketing, Journal of Marketing Management and Industrial Marketing Management

In recognition of her international research reputation she is an inaugural member of the Advisory Board of the Cambridge Service Alliance, University of Cambridge, UK, a global alliance between leading businesses and universities. Founded by Cambridge University, in alliance with BAE Systems, IBM, Caterpillar, GEA, Pearson and Zoetis, the Alliance was formed in 2010 and is designed to bring together some of the world’s best firms and researchers devoted to delivering today the insights, education and approaches needed for the Complex Service Solutions of tomorrow.

Further she has been appointed to the following advisory boards:

  • Appointed to the Advisory Board of CTF Service Research Center, Karlstad University, Sweden from 2012 ongoing. Global companies on the board include Ericsson, Tetra Pak, Volvo and IKEA.
  • Appointed to the Internationally Scientific Advisory Board (ISAB), Norwegian School of Economics (NHH), Norway from 2014 ongoing.

Professor McColl-Kennedy reviews for several international journals and is on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Service Research and Service Science.

She was Guest Editor, "Health Care in Service Science" Special Issue of the Australasian Marketing Journal (AMJ) 2014.


Key publications: 

Her major refereed journal articles in the last 10 years include:

McColl-Kennedy, Janet. R., Hannah Snyder, Mattias Elg, Lars Witell, Anu Helkkula, Suellen J. Hogan and Laurel Anderson (2017), "The Changing Role of the Health Care Customer: Review, Synthesis and Research Agenda", Journal of Service Management, accepted in press 17 August 2016. A

McColl-Kennedy, J.R., S.J. Hogan, L. Witell and H. Snyder (2017), “Cocreative Customer Practices: Effects of Health Care Customer Value Cocreation Practices on Well-being”, Journal of Business Research, 70, 1, pp. 55-66. A

Patterson, P. G., M. K. Brady and J.R. McColl-Kennedy (2016), "Geysers or Bubbling Hot Springs?  A Cross-cultural Examination of Customer Rage From Eastern and Western Perspectives, Journal of Service Research, 19, 3, pp. 243-259. A* 

Frow, P., McColl-Kennedy, J.R. and Payne, A.F.T. (2016), “Co-creation Practices: Their

Role in Shaping a Service Ecosystem”, (Special Issue: ‘Theory and Practice of Value Co-Creation in B2B Systems’), Industrial Marketing Management, 56, July, pp. 24-39. A*

Andreassen, T.W., P. Kristensson, L. Lervik-Olsen, A. Parasuraman, J.R. McColl-Kennedy, B. Edvardsson, and M. Colucio, (2016) “Linking Service Design to Value Creation in Service Research,” Journal of Service Management, Special Issue “Enhancing Theory Development” 27,1, pp. 21-29. A

McColl-Kennedy, J.R., Gustafsson, A., E. Jaakkola, P. Klaus, Z. Radnor, H. Perks, M. Friman (2015), “Fresh Perspectives on Customer Experience", Special Issue of Journal of Services Marketing, 29,6/7, pp. 430-435. A

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McColl-Kennedy, J.R., P.G. Patterson, M.K. Brady, L. Cheung and D. Nguyen (2015), “To Give or Not to Give Professional Services to Non-paying Clients: Professionals’ Giving Backstory”, Journal of Service Management, 26 (3): 426-459. A

Cheung, L. and J.R. McColl-Kennedy (2015), “Resource Integration in Liminal Periods: Transitioning to Transformative Service", Special issue of the Journal of Services Marketing, 29, 6/7, pp. 485- 497.       

Ford, Robert C and McColl-Kennedy, Janet R (2015), “Organizational strategies for filling the customer can-do/must-do gap”, Business Horizons, 58 459-468.   

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Frow, P., McColl-Kennedy, J.R., Hilton, T., Davidson A., Payne A. and Brozovic D. (2014), “Value propositions: A service ecosystem perspective”, Marketing Theory, 14(3): 327–351. A

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McColl-Kennedy, Janet R. and Amy K Smith (2006), “Customer emotions in service failure and recovery encounters”, Research on Emotion in Organizations 2, 237-268. 

She has written 4 books.

Searching eSpace ...Butcher, K., Sparks, B., Pan, G. and McColl-Kennedy, J. R. (2007), Service quality enhancement: Identification, development and evaluation of tools for small to medium tourism industries. Edited by C. Cooper, T. De Lacy and L. Jago Griffith University: Cooperative Research Centre for Sustainable Tourism.

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McColl-Kennedy, J. R., Kiel, G. C., Lusch, R. F. and Lusch, V. N. (1992) Marketing: Concepts and strategies. Melbourne, Victoria: Nelson Thomson Learning.

She has written 6 book chapters.

 Geoffrey N., Jillian C. Sweeney and Janet R. McColl-Kennedy (2015), "Best-Worst Scaling: An Alternative to Ratings Data", (Chapter 9), in J.J. Louviere, T.N. Flynn and A.A. J. Marley (eds.), Best -Worst Scaling: Theory, Methods and Practices, Cambridge University  Press, Cambridge, UK.  (ISBN: 9781107043152)

  Bradley, Graham L., McColl-Kennedy, Janet R., Sparks, Beverley A., Jimmieson, Nerina L. and Zapf, Dieter (2010). Service encounter needs theory: A dyadic, psychosocial approach to understanding service encounters. In Wilfred J. Zerbe, Charmine E. J. Härtel and Neal M. Ashkanasy (Ed.), Emotions and Organizational Dynamism (pp. 221-258) Bingley UK: Emerald Group Publishing Limited. 

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