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Cambridge Service Alliance

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What is the CX-centric strategy?

The CX-centric strategy is based on our smaller details approach to shift from a product centric business to a customer experience centric business. The strategy will be devised by first appraising the present stage of CX management operations in your business along with the determination of an achievable target stage. Next, together we will develop a roadmap and implementation plan guided by the 48 smaller details within our ACM framework with subthemes under (A) attitudes, (C) Capabilities and (M) Methods.

What value does the CX-centric strategy deliver?

CX-centric businesses deliver 30% more total returns to shareholders compared to their product centric peers. Our CX-centric approach helps you to identify which capabilities and methods are suitable for your business in your market context. Our research shows that there are five stages of CXM operations within businesses – siloed, reactive, intentional, data-enabled and culture driven based on the level of integration across CX strategy, CX design and CX technology in a business. Through this initiative, your team can derive a tailored roadmap and executable implementation plan that incorporates both strategic and tactical changes that can drives the business towards CX-centricity.

How long will it take to deliver the strategy?

The CX-centric strategy is dependent on the five stages and unlike other approaches does not assume that your business is starting from scratch. Therefore, we identify a phase wise approach that first back casts from your aspirational stage and present stage of CXM operational maturity. Over an 8-week period, we can complete the appraisal of present stage and gap analysis with the aspiration stage to create a target stage mapping. This 8-week period will begin with an (i) an initial kickoff and briefing of the appraisal and review of your current state (ii) self-assessments: typically, between 6-10 people complete a self appraisal based on the ACM framework; (iii) Facilitated qualitative maturity appraisal in a workshop and group discussion. Finally, we present the gap analysis with executive briefing that can be applied to move into planning a road mapping exercise

Cambridge Service Alliance

Welcome to the Cambridge Service Alliance…

  • A unique global alliance between the University of Cambridge and some of the world’s leading businesses.

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  • Since its inception in 2010 industrial partners have included BAE Systems, Caterpillar, GEA, IBM, Pearson, Zoetis, CEMEX, HCLTech and Bouygues