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Cambridge Service Alliance

At the forefront of service transformation in the digital era

What is Customer Churn Model ?

Firms relies on surveys and Net Promoter Scores (NPS) can only predict ~50%-60% of their at-risk (churners) customers. Also, these approaches are limited in their ability to provide a comprehensive understanding of customer needs and preferences. Instead, there is a pressing business need for firms to adopt an AI approach to predict customer churn and loyalty to (i) reduce revenue leakage, (ii) understand customer root cause issues and pain points, (ii) segment your customers and understand their behaviour better .

What value does the 360CX.AI churn solution offer?

Our solution provides the firm with an automatic approach to track, integrate and analyze CX data across attitudinal, emotional and behavioural systems to address the following issues: (ii) Identify shortfalls in product/service quality and execution; (ii) Gain insights into customer journeys across digital, physical and social channels to drive growth; (iii) Capture factors influence customer issues with products/services to reduce customer churn; (V) Improve customer recovery processes to deliver a seamless experience; (!V) Optimize internal processes by providing an Integrated & consistent voice across functions

How long will it take to complete the pilot?

360CX. AI pilot is 4-6 weeks and involves three phases: (i) data exchange: Firms should provide us with attitudinal (e.g., survey), emotional (e.g., call centres), and behavioural data (e.g., sales) that accurately represents their customer feedback across different touchpoints; (ii) provide attitudinal analytics and behavioural analytics; (iii) Web-based Interface to test our models on your data

Cambridge Service Alliance

Welcome to the Cambridge Service Alliance…

  • A unique global alliance between the University of Cambridge and some of the world’s leading businesses.

  • Help organisations to address the challenges they will face in the next three to five years, through rigorous research, practical tools, insights and education programmes.

  • Learn how other innovative organisations are developing new services through our events

  • Since its inception in 2010 industrial partners have included CEMEX, GEA, IBM, Pearson, Zoetis, HCLTech, Bouygues UK among others.