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Cambridge Service Alliance

At the forefront of service transformation in the digital era

Digital acceleration in service firms

Since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, most firms have witnessed pressures for accelerated changes, particularly around digitalisation. Myriad changes witnessed in the last two years have reset the context for companies, employees, and societies. Today’s world is more uncertain, where digital technologies have become quintessential to run services in the pandemic era. Yet simultaneously, firms today also long for more meaningful human interaction with employees and customers. Many firms are trying their best to change with the pace of the new normal and indeed to make sense of what the new normal for services may look like. From automotive, construction to entertainment the new normal for services may look very different from one another yet strive for similar outcomes.

At this virtual event, keynote speakers discussed the new normal and future of services, provided instructive examples on how companies have addressed some of the key challenges they have faced and presented their accelerated transformations that have helped their businesses withstand the new pandemic-driven uncertainties.

Speakers included:

  • Andre Radon, Chief Information Officer, Seat - Digital Transformation Journey at SEAT S.A & CUPRA

  • Brian Ringley, Construction Technology Manager, Boston Dynamics - Spot for Construction: Autonomous Robotic Scanning for Digital Twins

  • Stephan Abke, Senior Project Manager, DMG MORI - Digitizing the service business of machine tool manufacturers

  • Mohamed Zaki, Deputy Director, Cambridge Service Alliance - ‘Likes’ guaranteed: how AI can revolutionise your social media and customer engagement strategy


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