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Studying at Cambridge

Workshop discussion sessions

Workshops during the 2019 conference looked at some of the CSA current areas of research which includes -   

Digital transformation strategy 

Henneberg Stephan Henneberg, Queen Mary University of London

The starting point is not (only) the technology but what you can do with it – in other words the business model the technology enables. There is no single recipe for success in digital transformation. Each firm needs to find its own roadmap: the elements may be the same but how they are put together needs to be distinct.

Blockchain: the application of emerging technologies

Veronica Veronica Martinez, Cambridge Service Alliance

Blockchain forecasted that it will fundamentally change how we all live and work. Beyond its financial application, Blockchain’s unique attributes – resilient, secure and traceable – offer a wide range of opportunities for industrial services. It creates value and enhances customer experiences. Its implementation urgently needs a completely different mindset – collaboration and realtime transactions within and across organizations.

Digital platforms driving new business models

Witell Lars Wittell, Karlstad University, Sweden

How do you move from a product-based business model to a service-based business model and now to a ‘gig economy’ business model while enhancing your brand reputation? How do you develop a roadmap for building digitalised services and a new business model?

Customer Experience Analytics

Mcoll-kennedt Janet McColl-Kennedy, The University of Queensland, Australia

Firms often rely on Net Promoter Scores and satisfaction ratings in their efforts to measure customer satisfaction but these techniques do not produce accurate insights and may be actively misleading. Developments in AI and Natural Language Processing mean that firms can now dive into textual analysis to get much more meaningful insights that can be used to help us decide where to go next.

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Oct 23, 2020

Read about our latest research in our tenth anniversary Annual Review.

Managing customer experience through a systematic approach to data analytics

Jul 24, 2020

We all know what a positive – or negative – customer experience feels like: a rush of pleasure or teeth-grinding frustration. Firms are acutely aware of the importance of how we feel – and how that translates into long-term loyalty – but feelings are a difficult and complicated thing to measure at scale.

Blog | Has COVID-19 Invented the 10X Supply Chain?

Jul 06, 2020

Surendra Kancherla, Principal Architect - Digital Technologies, at CSA partner, HCL, says that COVID-19 is forcing firms to look afresh at their supply chain capabilities.

Insight | Business model innovation for digital twins in the construction sector

May 19, 2020

At the Cambridge Service Alliance's most recent Community of Interest, Dr Erika Pärn considered the development of digital twins in the construction sector: the challenges it faces and whether android operating systems could provide a useful roadmap for business model innovation.

Generate revenue from digital platforms

May 12, 2020

According to Shep Hyken: "Customers are smarter than ever because they're experiencing great service from certain brands, and those rock-star brands are setting the bar higher for everyone else." In this white paper we explore the 'customer experience paradox' and how firms can use digital platforms to overcome it.

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