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Cambridge Service Alliance

At the forefront of service transformation in the digital era

Studying at Cambridge


Executive Education

Short courses based on Cambridge Service Alliance research

Making the shift to services

By the end of this two-day workshop, delegates are able to use Alliance tools to design new services and improve existing ones and support the successful integration of services into their organisation. The course gives delegates new insights into:   

  • How firms design and re-design services and service offerings  
  • How prototyping a service works   
  • How tools such as emotion mapping, process mapping,  business model innovation and blue-printing play a role in service design  
  • How to manage the transition and the service journey
  • How big data is optimising service delivery and aiding the design of better service solutions.

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Ecosystem Strategy

This one-day course shows delegates how to understand their business’s ecosystem and to leverage partnerships within it in order to deliver services quickly and effectively. The course gives delegates new insights into:  

  • What their business ecosystem is and why it is vital in service delivery  
  • How to build partnerships to share capability and capacity across multiple companies  
  • How innovation can work through partnerships  
  • How to identify and address weaknesses in the ecosystem.

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Cambridge Service Alliance

Welcome to the Cambridge Service Alliance…

  • a unique global alliance between leading businesses and universities;
  • bringing together the world's leading firms and academics;
  • all of whom are devoted to delivering today the tools, education and insights needed for the complex service solutions of tomorrow.


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'Using AI to Track How Customers Feel — In Real Time' published in the Harvard Business Review

May 13, 2021

The paper 'Using AI to Track How Customers Feel — In Real Time' by Mohamed Zaki, Janet R. McColl-Kennedy and Andy Neely has been published in Harvard Business Review.

Industry Day 2020 | What we learnt

Dec 06, 2020

What is the future of services in the new pandemic-driven era? This was the topic explored at our 2020 Industry Day by senior executives from L'Oréal, Microsoft Research, Manchester United and start-up, Fairjungle.

Understanding business models in the construction sector

Nov 25, 2020

What’s standing in the way of offsite manufacturing? For decades, the construction sector has been hailing it as the next big thing but we have yet to see it really taking off. Why is that, when the technologies and processes already exist? Dr Zakaria Dakhli believes it is due to a fundamental incompatibility between business models and it is only when this has been fully understood that the long-awaited transformation can take place.

A machine learning approach to quality control

Nov 14, 2020

Most of the products we take for granted contain huge numbers of components assembled in multiple stages by different manufacturers. Quality control is vital throughout the assembly process with rigorous testing required at every step.

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