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Cambridge Service Alliance

At the forefront of service transformation in the digital era

Research Themes


In collaboration with our partners we have developed a research programme which addresses some of the key challenges facing organisations as they undergo digital transformation. 

Applications of Emerging Technologies

How can AI help firms to design new services?

Pilot projects in which emerging technologies such as Blockchain and AI are used to solve real-world business problems and demonstrate their impact on product and service innovation. 

Transforming Primary Healthcare Service Delivery

The overarching aim of this project is to co-design and test new tools through a digitaltech-humanness approach, providing a roadmap to enable primary care clinics to simultaneously enhance patient experience and employee wellbeing, resulting in overall clinic performance improvement.

Customer Experience

How can AI automatically manage CX  to enable a seamless and personalised experience?

Machine learning and big data analytics provide new insights into customer experience, help firms understand what their customers really think of them and improve the services they deliver. 

Business Models via Digital Platforms

How can firms use data as a key resource to drive new business models and revenue streams?

Lots of firms are investing in digital platforms but are not yet reaping the rewards. This stream looks at the role of platforms in managing the customer experience and how they can be used to create new business models and generate revenue streams. 

Digital Transformation Strategy

How to formulate a successful CX-centric digital transformation strategy?

To better understand the challenge of developing digital transformation strategies in complex organisations we are looking at how global companies are approaching the task. We have developed our own framework for CX-centric strategy formulation which we use to analyse how effective firms are at making clear strategic decisions and understanding how to put digitalisation initiatives into practice.

Cambridge Service Alliance

Welcome to the Cambridge Service Alliance…

  • A unique global alliance between the University of Cambridge and some of the world’s leading businesses.

  • Help organisations to address the challenges they will face in the next three to five years, through rigorous research, practical tools, insights and education programmes.

  • Learn how other innovative organisations are developing new services through our events

  • Since its inception in 2010 industrial partners have included CEMEX, GEA, IBM, Pearson, Zoetis, HCLTech, Bouygues UK among others.