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What are enterprise level key performance indicators?

Many firms are making the shift from selling products/services to solutions and outcomes. They recognize that their clients value the solutions they offer, often above their products/services. The complexity of these solutions often means that rarely can a single firm deliver them. Hence we see increasing numbers of firms combining their efforts and partnering to deliver complex solutions. One frequently encountered challenge is performance measures – often these are developed within the confines of a single firm. Yet within the world of complex solutions we need cross organisation – or enterprise wide – key performance indicators.

How can enterprise level key performance indicators be developed?

The Cambridge Service Alliance has developed a structured process for developing cross-organisation, enterprise wide, key performance indicators. The enterprise performance measurement selection process, which consists of five main stages, helps you to identify and design a small and well structured set of key performance indicators that you and your partners can use to co-ordinate value creation and delivery across the network of organisations involved in the delivery of a complex service.

How long will it take to develop our key performance indicators?

Typically the enterprise performance measurement selection process takes around three months elapsed time. The process involves a combination of workshops, interviews and surveys, designed to gather and structure the necessary inputs required to identify and design the critical key performance indicators for your complex service network. Even if you already have key performance indicators in place the process can provide a useful audit assessment of these indicators, confirming their validity or highlighting their weaknesses.

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