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Cambridge Service Alliance

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Problem Statement

Research carried out by the Cambridge Service Alliance (CSA) has shown that established firms are struggling to shift to become a customer experience (CX)-centric organisation compared to a digital-born organisation. A Harvard study recommends businesses to link customer needs on an experience chain to omni channel journeys rather than pushing products or services on the customer funnel in the hope to sell. For example, the ability of Amazon to predict our next purchase and perform the behind the scenes action to stock the product in a nearby distribution centre is a key differentiator in fulfilling its next day delivery promise to remain a CX-centric firm that is on top of its experience chain. Therefore, our research explores how established firms can develop a CX-centric strategy and improve their maturity towards the top of an experience chain?


Our research aims to develop and validate a framework that emphasizes customer experience (CX) in order to guide businesses towards CX-centricity. The CXMi continuum framework will:

  • Identify the specific small details that can help your business become more CX-centric
  • Evaluate your business's CX capabilities that are relevant in your specific context
  • Explore potential ways for your business to improve its position on the CXMi continuum

Research Contacts

Gautam Jha

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