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Industry Day 2020

Wednesday 7 October 2020, Online event, 9:00 – 13:00 BST

What is the future of services in the new pandemic-driven era?

With the advent of the COVID19 pandemic, most companies struggle to keep status quo. Moreover, a resilient service business currently refers to a business that succeeded to secure enough revenue to not start the layoff process and closing of its branches (e.g. Zara closed 1,200 stores and Nike is preparing for the second stage of the layoffs).

The world has become a whole lot more complicated since then, with digital technologies become more essential to run a business in the pandemic era and inform business strategy. Previously, a firm would define its business model and its business strategy and then develop a technology strategy to help it realise those ambitions.

In this ‘Thought Leadership’ virtual event, we will invite keynote speakers from big brands to discuss the future of digitally enabled antifragile services, provide instructive examples on how companies can address some of the key challenges they face and achieve this kind of transformation that can thrive and grow in the new pandemic-driven era.

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We have an exciting line-up of speakers who will be sharing their experiences, including:

Photo Saad Berrada cropped.jpg

Saad Berrada, Co-founder & CEO, Fairjungle 

As an Ecole Polytechnique & Science Po graduate, Saad started his career as a Sales structurer at Goldman Sachs in London, then joined the notorious consulting firm McKinsey & Company where he spent 5 years helping FMCG companies all over the world rethink their strategies & operations. He founded Fairjungle (a next generation business travel management platform) in 2017 with Samir Idris (ex manager at McKinsey & Company) and Bertrand Guiheneuf (ex VP Engineering at Apple & Fotopedia). 

Phil Salt.jpg

Phil Salt, Head of Digital Product Development, Manchester United

Phil Salt is Manchester United’s Head of Digital Product Development. He is responsible for all of the club’s owned and operated D2C digital products, ensuring that they are developed to meet the needs of Manchester United’s 1.1 Billion followers worldwide, as well as delivering on key business objectives. Since being at United, he has overseen the launch and continued development of a new digital engagement platform, intended to transform the way in which the club engages and communicates with fans. Prior to joining Manchester United, Phil worked with a wide range of global companies including the BBC, Thomson Reuters, Gucci, and Symantec, delivering innovative multi-channel digital consumer products.














Kenji Takeda, Director of Academic Health and AI, Microsoft Research

Dr Kenji Takeda is Director of Academic Health and AI Partnerships at Microsoft Research, Cambridge, UK. He is working to empower academic researchers to develop and deploy human-centric AI and machine learning, particularly to transform healthcare by exploiting data in the cloud, empowering those at the frontline of healthcare, and moving towards precision medicine. This includes medical imaging with Project InnerEye and working with the global healthcare data research community. He regularly advises funding agencies and research organisations on innovation and technology strategy, including the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, Science and Technology Funding Council, Medical Research Council, Wellcome Trust and Health Data Research UK. He is a visiting industry fellow at the Alan Turing Institute and visiting fellow at the University of Southampton, UK.
He was previously global lead for Microsoft’s Azure for Research program, helping researchers take best advantage of cloud computing, including through data science, high-performance computing, and the internet of things.

He spent over 20 years in academia as Associate Professor of Aeronautics and has a passion for developing novel computational and system-wide approaches to tackle fundamental and applied problems in science, engineering, and healthcare. He has extensive experience in aeronautics and astronautics, aerodynamics, aeroacoustics, flight simulation, cloud computing, high performance and high productivity computing, data science, scientific workflows, scholarly communication, engineering and educational outreach.


Ahmed Wagih, General Manager L'Oreal Consumer Products, L’Oreal

Ahmed Wagih is the General Manager of the Consumer Products Division at L’Oréal Middle East based in Dubai. In his current role, Ahmed is responsible for managing the Group’s consumer brands including L’Oréal Paris, Garnier, Maybelline New York and NYX Professional Makeup across the GCC.

Prior to this role, he was appointed as the General Manager of the Active Cosmetics Division in Saudi Arabia in 2017, where he re-invigorated the relationship with the key retailers and distributors and succeeded in positioning La Roche-Posay as one of the top 10 brands within the dermo-cosmetics market in KSA. Under his leadership, the division achieved a high double-digit growth rate with a solid sustainable medical business model.

Before Saudi Arabia, he took up the role of the General Manager of the Active Cosmetics Division in Egypt in 2015, where successfully launched Vichy for the first time in the market. He also navigated the division through the currency crisis in 2016, where the Egyptian pound lost more than 70% of its value. In a span of 2 years, the division achieved a high double-digit growth rate.

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