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Cambridge Service Alliance

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What is the Multimodal AI Engagement Model?

In the modern digital era, brands face challenges in ensuring consistent customer engagement amidst the vast online content. The problem is ensuring their content not only reaches but also connects with their customers. Even with social media as a prime tool for customer interaction, actual engagement remains low, with reports showing a median Instagram/Facebook engagement of less than 1%. The multimodal AI algorithm, with 80% accuracy, predicts engagement using 561 features, spanning from textual topics to visual and audio attributes.

What value does the Multimodal AI Engagement Model?

Content, whether in the form of text, images, videos, or audio, represents various digital forms. While AI techniques excel at processing these diverse content types, our approach is more refined. We architect a multimodal AI that provides a clear understanding of how distinct content attributes weigh in terms of their impact on engagement. This includes i) Determining the most effective content for expanding your customer base, (ii) Recognising impactful textual keywords and product attributes; (ii) Gauging the impact of celebrities on your brand's customer engagement; and (iii) identifying customer emotions, sentiments, and reactions; (V)Safeguarding brand reputation by eliminating less effective content; (!V) Keeping an eye on competitors' content strategies.Strategically enhance customer engagement and content planning.

How long will it take to complete the pilot?

360CX. AI pilot could be 6-8 weeks and involves three phases: (i) data exchange: Firms should provide us with historical multimodal data  (e.g., textual, images, video) that accurately represent firm content types ; (ii) Analytics: the model provides insights into contents that can boost customer engagement.


Cambridge Service Alliance

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