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Research interests

Iacopo is part of the Cambridge Service Alliance since January 2019 as student visitor under the supervision of Dr Veronica Martinez. His research interest is on operations management in healthcare, with a focus on clinical risk management and resilient practices. Furthermore, his research aims to better understand how the usage of Information Technologies in healthcare can allow professionals to be more resilient and obtain improvements in terms of quality. During the visit, he will work on the OMMS micro-factory project, aiming to develop ad-hoc product/service business models.


Iacopo holds a M.Sc 110/110 cum laude with distinctions in Management Engineering from the University of Palermo, Italy. 


Key publications: 

Journal Publications

Rubbio, I., Bruccoleri, M., Petrosi, A., Ragonese, B. (2018); Digital Health Technology enhances resilient behavior: evidence from the ward; “International Journal of Operations and Production Management” (accepted), October 2018.

Conference Publications

Rubbio, I., Bruccoleri, M., Perrone G. (2018); The role of Digital Technology in increasing Healthcare Organizations Resilience; EurOMA Conference, Budapest, Hungary.

Rubbio, I., Bruccoleri, M., Perrone, G. (2017); Resilience practices and patient safety: a multiple case study; EUROMA Conference, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Rubbio, I., Bruccoleri, M., Perrone, G. (2016); Introducing “Healthcare Resilience” in Clinical Risk Management; EUROMA Conference, Trondheim, Norway.

Visiting PhD student
 Iacopo  Rubbio
Not available for consultancy


Person keywords: 
Healthcare Information Management
Operations Management

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