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Cambridge Service Alliance

At the forefront of service transformation in the digital era

Problem Statements

The Cambridge Service Alliance (CSA) conducted research which revealed the current automation and digitization lack of personalization elements and has resulted in frustration among customers.

Using generic and repetitive responses by customer service leads to customers losing interest in engaging with a company.

Personalizing conversations during crucial moments of customer service is essential, but it remains a significant challenge, particularly in conversational AI.

The research aims to investigate how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can enable personalizing conversations to improve customer experience in digital customer service.


We provide practical guidance for businesses looking to improve their digital customer service and increase customer loyalty through personalized conversations and the use of conversational AI. For example:


  • Extracting a detailed customer profile based on emotions and personality from conversational data
  • Assessing and identifying the role of relevant conversation styles according to context-specific customer service situations and customer profiles
  • Investigating unique pathways to automate the customer service journey using conversational AI

Research Contacts

Jan Bluemel

Cambridge Service Alliance

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