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Service Week 2014

Cambridge Service Week 2014

Cambridge Service Week 2014 was held from 29 September to 3 October 2014. It was a series of events hosted by the Cambridge Service Alliance to bring together leading academics, industrialists and policy-makers to address the evolving challenges facing service education, research, practice and policy. Details and outputs from the Industrial Conference and Academic Conference are below.


The Future of Services in a Digital Age - Industry Day Conference, 30 September 2014

About the Conference
Many organisations are making the shift to services, developing and delivering service offerings that complement their traditional product offerings. Increasingly these service offerings are data and technology enabled. From remote sensing to big data analytics, Google glass to the internet of things, new technologies will change the way services are designed and delivered in the future. The aim of this conference was to explore what the future holds for services in a digital age, providing new insights into new opportunities for businesses.


50 Great Service Innovations
Andy Neely, Director of Cambridge Service Alliance, University of Cambridge.

Presentation - Prezi link

Podcast Interview


GE's Approach to Services Enabled by the Internet of Things
Stefan Bungart, Europe Software & Analytics COE Leader for GE Global Research 

Presentation - pdf

Podcast Interview


Digital Content Creation in the Entertainment Industry and the Always on Generation
Ed Bainbridge
, former VP Digital Experiences at Disney Interactive EMEA and now Director of Digitally Connected Creative Experiences at Screen Twist

Presentation - pdf

Podcast Interview



SAP Support for Services Now and in the Future
Felex von Reischach
, Head of Mobile Innovation - Middle and Eastern Europe, SAP Switzerland Inc,

Presentation - pdf

Podcast Interview

The conference provided a unique opportunity for industrialists to share practical experience and knowledge about the future of services in a digital age. It brought together international industry leaders running organisations that are making the shift to services.  The speakers focused on the future of services in a digital age, offering their views and perspectives on the role data, technology and the internet of things will play in the years to come.  

The conference was supported by world-leading researchers, working with world class organisations, including BAE Systems, Caterpillar, GEA, IBM, Pearson and Zoetis.


The Future of Service Research

The academic conference was held on 3-4 October 2014.  The theme for the conference was focused on discussions about new directions is service research. It involved a small group of around 30 invited participants. The intention was to strike a good balance between presentation and discussion, without multiple parallel sessions. The agenda for the two days was structured around five themes: (i) perspectives on service industries; (ii) service business models; (iii) service ecosystems; (iv) the transition to services; and (v) services, data and analytics.

Session 1: Perspectives on Service Industries

  1. Welcome and introductions – Andy Neely
  2. Service Industries Evolution and the Competitive Strategies of Product Firms - Michael Cusumano (Journal Paper 1 and Journal Paper 2)
  3. Servitization, Competition and Collaboration to Deliver Smart Services: Insights from Case-Based Research – Mario Rapaccini
  4. Plenary Discussion: The Mega Trends Affecting Industries and Why Firms are Making the Shift to Services?

Session 2: Service Business Models

  1. A Business Model Approach to Servitization of SMEs – Nicola Saccani
  2. Value Extraction Models in Complex Networks - Taija Turunanen
  3. Plenary Discussion: New Business Models for Services and How They Are Changing

Session 3: Service Ecosystems

  1. Service Innovation in a Networked Environment - Xiande Zhao 
  2. Engagement Patterns in Service Ecosystems – Rod Brodie
  3. Plenary Discussion: Researching and Analysing Service Ecosystems 

Session 4: The Transition to Services

  1. What Service Transition? Rethinking Established Assumptions About Manufacturers’ Service-Led Growth Strategies – Christian Kowalkowski
  2. The Shift to Services: Preliminary Analysis of the Pilot studies – Veronica Martinez
  3. Service Offshore Outsourcing in Manufacturing Companies – Chris Raddats
  4. An Investigation of the Relationship Among Firm Characteristics, Service Offering and Survival - Ornella Benedettini
  5. Plenary Discussion: Why is the Shift to Services so Challenging?

Session 5: Services, Data and Analytics

  1. Service Analytics – Mohamed Zaki
  2. Engineering a Market for Personal Data as a Service: The HAT Project – Irene Ng
  3. Plenary Discussion: What Role for Data in the Future of Services?

Call for Papers:

Two special issues were advertised during the conference: 

Advancing Theory of Firm/Interfirm Behavior in Innovation, Marketing, and Purchasing in Industrial Service Contexts - A Journal of Business Research Special Issue
Paper submission deadline: November 15, 2014

De-constructing the assumptions behind service-led growth in product firms: Deservitization, multiple strategic positions, mergers and acquisitions, industries and markets, and theoretical foundations - An Industrial Marketing Management Special Issue
Paper submission deadline: April 1, 2015

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