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Cambridge Service Alliance

At the forefront of service transformation in the digital era

Shaping the Future of Service Management

Date: Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th December 2023


Mohamed Zaki, University of Cambridge

Lars Witell, Karlstad University

Jay Kandampully, Ohio State University

Ruusa Ligthart, University of Cambridge and Laurea University of Applied Sciences

We would like to invite you to this service management forum at the Cambridge Service Alliance, University of Cambridge. This forum will provide an opportunity for PhD students to meet and collaborate in groups to discuss the future of services in the digital era.
We believe that emerging scholars hold the key to addressing the challenges facing service management in the future. With ongoing global events such as the economic impact of COVID, the war in Ukraine, Brexit, and the climate emergency, researchers must focus on the future of service management to address these critical issues.
Now more than ever, PhD researchers need to address “what is the future of service management research in the digital era?” We are particularly interested in exploring themes such as the use of emerging technologies in service design, service innovation, customer experience, service business models, service strategy, and sustainability, among others.
At the Cambridge Service Management Forum, we promise a warm, welcoming, and intellectual experience. Additionally, we are delighted to host you for dinner at one of the University of Cambridge's prestigious colleges, where you can immerse yourself in the Cambridge atmosphere.

Why you should attend:

  • Enhance your research skills and knowledge in service management through the forum's collaborative and engaging format.
  • Network, collaborate, gain insight and build relationships with fellow researchers in the field.
  • Participate in thought-provoking discussions on the future of service management in the digital era.
  • Get feedback on your current or planned PhD research from other scholars and experts in the field.
  • Learn about innovative approaches and strategies to address challenges in the service management field.
  • Gain exposure to emerging themes and technologies in the industry.
  • Enjoy a warm and welcoming atmosphere at one of the world's top universities, and experience Cambridge's historic and prestigious atmosphere.
  • Attend an enjoyable and memorable dinner at one of the University of Cambridge's beautiful colleges.


To participate in the forum, please register your interest here now as there is a limited number of participants that can apply.  Once you have registered your interest we will then be in contact with again with booking information.

To participate in this forum please submit a one-page abstract and bring an A2 format poster showcasing your current or planned PhD research in service management.

Further Details:

Fee: £450 - The price includes, hosting the days’ forum, lunch (2 days) and dinner (1st day)

Enrolment deadline: 30th September 2023

Contact name: Charlotte Jenkins
Event location: Institute for Manufacturing, University of Cambridge

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